Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So spent the weekend gorging my face with some num num food. Celebrating my anniversary, kickin it with friends, all in all a busy and fun weekend.

Pizzeria Mozza for lunch. First time here, heard alot of ruckus about this place.
Thoughts: Food is generally on the heavier side but def worth the hype. B+ (Must try the Burrata cheese in the Caprese salad, and order it with a side of toast! BDizzle)


So had lunch got home at 4 pm ish and got a call from some friends to go eat dinner. At this point I am full but still, committed to dinner at 6:30 thinking I would be hungry by then. I was wrong. Still full but ate some more at HAMJIPARK. Dinner convo sum up: "Korean Food = SeOUL FOOD"


DRANK, DRANK, DRANK, DANK, DRANK............Food Coma vs. Alcohol Coma .........FLAWLESS VICTORY

STATUS: saHJ@#@*FYYHNO#lnmlzzZZzzzzzzzzz.........huh?

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