Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Had dinner with the wIf E for our anniversary at Providence. I wanted to see what all the fuss about Michellin stars were........

As we decide on what to order "we" figure a 5 course may be too small (considering at Bazaar we conquered a 15+ course menu) So we go with the 9 course +1(foie gras ravioli with truffle) and wine pairing. It sounds like alot.......and yes it was ALOT.

so our journey begins.....

The three amuse bouche (not sure about the spelling nor the usage) items we started with were the three cocktail shots. Margarita, gin and tonic, grapefruit grey goose. The items on the sides were made using gelatinous capsules (so when eaten the liquid squirts out of the gel), while the middle cube was a cubed jelly (very reminiscent of a sunkist gelly candy) that when eaten becomes effervescent. FAWKIN good. ALL bars should serve these delectable morsels of alcohol goodness! For the rest of the items please refer to the menu posted above.

*The two dung looking like rocks are actually a summer truffle, and black truffle. As the server begins to shave some of the truffles on to our foie gras ravioli dish, he breaks down a little bit of truffle knoweldge for us, "the black truffle can be up to a $1000 a pound. And the white truffle, while at high season, can be $120 per 6 grams". Do the math....... FU*K platinum, gold, or even diamonds. Imma make me a white truffle pendant chain and matching 4 karat white truffle earings, while producing my new track titled "truffleufuhgus". "BOATS AND HO'S"(stepbrothers)

Dinner was superb. Damn good.

But towards the 6th dish realized no matter how tasty, too much of a good thing is just.....tooo much.

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