Friday, July 16, 2010

My past few days

Back to work after serving jury. Luckily ran into a friend so jury duty wasn't as boring as I anticipated. My friend and I ended up not getting called the whole day and we were dismissed. Some interesting points of the day:

-Pictures of celebrities that served jury

-Half the people in the jury selection room do not speak english
-An asian man got escorted out of the jury room (1 hour before dismissal) for looking at pornographic pictures on the jury computer, and his jury service was postponed.

First time getting called in and what happened?? NOTHING...just sat around while others got picked. Either way they dismissed me and im jury free for 12 months....WOOHOOO.

Attended the ESPY's a few nights back. Never been to an award show and did not know what to expect. Had a great time. Met Brandon Jennings. Cool cat! BJ was dressed like one of the rat pack.

Lastly.... has the weather been wierd or what?!? (hot, gloomy, rainy, perfect for the new iphone camera test =P )

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